Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel, vows to respond vigorously to the attacks initiated by Gaza, according to him, and will continue till necessary.

Israeli air strikes in Gaza killed at least three Palestinians early Sunday, officials said.

Palestinian militants fired rockets at Tel Aviv, forcing people to run away to bomb shelters.

The international community has called for an end to the escalation of the conflict.

On Saturday, US President Biden called Netanyahu and Palestinian President Abbas to express concern about the situation.

The UN Security Council meeting will be held later on Sunday to discuss and ponder upon the current situation.

Palestinian officials say at least 148 people have died in Gaza since hostilities took place on Monday. Israel reported 10 deaths, including 2 children. Israel says it killed dozens of militants in Gaza, while Palestinian health officials say 41 children have died.

Netanyahu said on television on Saturday night that the attacks will "continue till necessary" and that every effort will be made to limit civilian casualties.

Netanyahu said: "The party that caused this confrontation was not us, but they are the ones that attacked us."

Before the violence broke out in the past six days, tensions between Israel and Palestine in East Jerusalem escalated for several weeks, culminating in clashes in a sacred place respected by both Muslims and Jews.

Hamas, the Palestinian militant group that controls the Gaza Strip, has been established. After Israel was warned to withdraw from the scene, missiles were fired, leading to air strikes in retaliation.